Mission Statement

My name is Scout Dawson and I run this humble, new little blog on the carnivore corner of the internet. I hail from England, and I’m currently refusing to acknowledge that next year I’ll turn 35 years old.

I started this blog for a mixture of reasons. Firstly, I love blogging. I’ve been making websites since I was a teenager, so it felt like a natural calling.

Secondly, and most importantly, I want to educate people (and learn more, myself) on how the diet they believe is healthy is probably why they wake up with backache every day, why they’re always hungry and unable to stick to that weird and wacky diet plan they pay £40 a month for. I want people to be at their best. I want to be at my best.

More people die from metabolic disease (cancer, heart disease T2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression induced suicide) than any other cause of death, and the fact that the diet industry and health departments of various government agencies do nothing to propagate the truth is frankly a crime against humanity.

If you are currently eating the ‘Standard Diet’, are a vegan or have generally lived your life believing that red meat will kill you, this website may well come across as a little ‘out there’, or extremist.

I promise you, I try to be as factual and science-based as possible, and I put as much research as my time and resources will allow into every post I make.

I’m not trying to sell you a diet plan, and I despise looking at Keto, Low Carb and High Fat blogs that do. It really isn’t complicated; there is no need to be checking your ketones, blood levels and macros every time you eat. Food shouldn’t be that stressful.

Here’s my diet plan for you: EAT MEAT! Here endeth the lesson. What I am offering here is simply knowledge so that you can make the right choices about your health and lifestyle.

Feel free to either peruse the blog, or check out the Resources page for some external information on health sciences.