For anyone wondering how this whole project of mine is going to work, let me explain it as best I can. Bear in mind this is a long-term plan as oppose to a quick, short-term one. Thus, in brief and somewhat in order:

  • Start a video blog
  • Lose weight (ultimate goal: 100lbs)
  • Learn to drive
  • Sell my stuff
  • Hike a 300-500 mile section of the Pacific Crest Trail
  • Fly to Norway
  • Buy a van
  • Travel!

Obviously many smaller things will come in between all of those goals, and some of them will overlap in some way, but that’s the life plan. Originally it was just go straight to Norway, but I wanted to get in some time in America before that, since once I have the van I can’t exactly leave it behind to spend 3-6 months somewhere it can’t follow me. Along the way I will be making weekly vlogs and (almost) daily blogs to document my journey.

The vlogs of course will contain videos, but the blogs will contain written journals, photographs and maybe even occasional audio recordings for those as-and-when thoughts.

I originally started this blog in February this year, and it does feel like things have stagnated somewhat since its inception, but I am trying to take one step at a time. First comes weight loss, since without it there’s no way I can hike anywhere, let alone several hundred miles of the PCT. The vlog will begin on 1st August to first document that stretch of this huge journey and change. I hope you’ll join me!

About The Author

Artist. Writer. Vlogger.

Scout is an artist, novelist and video content creator from England, whose life goal is to live on the road in Scandinavia!

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