Support Me

Word of Mouth
The cheapest, best and easiest way to support me is by sharing my website with everyone you know, or even people you don’t know. Make little sticky notes and casually attach them to passers-by, or something. Sharing video content on your Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter timeline (or Reddit, if you’re feeling super generous) is one of the ultimately best ways to help me grow and continue to make content.

Buy My Artwork
All of the paintings done on my art YouTube channel are for sale in my shop. I try to keep my prices fair (my art is currently priced at £0.35 per square inch), and will deliver worldwide! This is the best way to financially support me, because a) I feel I am directly earning the money and b) it keeps my stock of paintings down so that I can continue to produce more without running out of space. In the future I hope to have other merchandise for sale, such as phone cases, t-shirts and whatnot. Watch this space!

If you want to help support financially, but want a little something in return, then Patreon is by far the best option for you! There are several tiers of support, and payments are made on a monthly basis. Any physical rewards due (such as the postcards) will go through on receipt of your first pledge payment. This one is great for those trying to give up starbucks; replace one coffee a month with a pledge, for instance, and you get access to videos that nobody else will!

Tip Jar
Using a service called Streamlabs, you can donate directly from your PayPal to mine (or, if you prefer, directly to my PayPal at At the moment there is no other payment method available for this. Tips are absolutely never expected; think of it like a busker in the street. You’re free to enjoy the content, but if you love it, then toss a dollar in the hat. Every single penny will help me to create more, and better, content and to also do that pesky ‘surviving’ thing adults do.