If there are any questions you have not listed here, please feel free to contact me for more information.

If I donate/pledge, do you keep my personal information?
At no point do I have access to your bank details or anything overly sensitive.

When you donate via PayPal, I am informed of your PayPal email address and whatever name you have listed there. With Patreon, depending on what Tier you are pledging to, I may need your home address to send things out to you. However, once the item is sent, your address will be safely discarded; I won’t be keeping people’s information on file.

When you purchase artwork from my store, again PayPal’s basic info is all I receive, along with your address. I do keep invoices of all payments and deliveries (which will often contain the buyer’s name and address), but these are not shared with a third party. I have to keep these for tax purposes and to keep records of payments, postage and refunds in case there is a problem.

Why don’t you monetize your YouTube videos?
I had an AdSense account in 2012, but since then the vlog, Google+ and even GMail account associated have all been deleted, so I can’t even recover the password and change my YouTube details. Sadly, there’s no way of deleting or recovering an account in this instance, so I am stuck without it. Instead, I crowdfund and promote my artwork!