If there are any questions you have not listed here, please feel free to contact me for more information.

Where’s your SCIENTIFIC PROOF that your lifestyle is healthy!?
I am in the process of compiling a list (it’s a pretty big list) of documentaries, YouTube videos, books, medical journals, biology textbooks and all sorts so that anyone who wants to come along and deny the basic science behind low carb living can quite easily read the facts behind it. Once I do there’ll be a link both here and in the main menu of the blog. Watch this space!

Is this blog gonna be a weight loss blog?
Not entirely. Basically, to do what I want to in life I need to lose weight. I’m not fit or healthy enough to live my dreams right now. Once the weight is lost I can focus on the hiking, the travel and the van life but until then there will be a moderate amount of weight loss chatter on this blog. Even after, it will be a fun challenge to keep my low carb lifestyle going while I am on the road (something that is surprisingly difficult from what I’ve seen, but I do love a challenge!)

If I donate/pledge, do you keep my personal information?
At no point do I have access to your bank details or anything overly sensitive.

When you donate via PayPal, I am informed of your PayPal email address and whatever name you have listed there. With Patreon, depending on what Tier you are pledging to and what rewards I currently have up, I may need your home address to send things out to you. However, once the item is sent, your address will be safely discarded; I won’t be keeping people’s information on file.

When you purchase artwork from my store, again PayPal’s basic info is all I receive, along with your address. I do keep invoices of all payments and deliveries (which will often contain the buyer’s name and address), but these are not shared with a third party. I have to keep these for tax purposes and to keep records of payments, postage and refunds in case there is a problem.

Why don’t you monetize your YouTube videos?
I had an AdSense account in 2012, but since then the vlog, Google+ and even GMail account associated have all been deleted, so I can’t even recover the password and change my YouTube details. Sadly, there’s no way of deleting or recovering an account in this instance, so I am stuck without it. Instead, I crowdfund and promote my artwork!