Breaking Free

Show of hands, who out there suffers from what my doctor once called 'situational depression'? For those confused about what that means, it's a depression that is brought on immediately by your surroundings, li... Keep Reading >>

Obsessed with Travel pt. 2

If you knew me personally, you'd probably laugh out loud if I told you that one of my secret little dreams is to complete a thru-hike. Whilst I'm not lazy per se, I am probably the least athletic person alive t... Keep Reading >>

Obsessed with Travel

You know those dating profiles where people always feel the need to say they love the outdoors and travel, but when you meet them you find that their cool bouldering photo was from four years ago, and the last time they 'travelled' was for one weekend back in ... Keep Reading >>

The F Word

Ask anyone who is overweight and unhappy about it what they think about most of all, and they will probably tell you that it's their weight. It's like the abusive love of my life; it hurts me, and it makes me feel awful about myself, but I can't stop thinking ... Keep Reading >>
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Moving On

Oh wow, has it really been a month since I updated this thing!? I just wanted to touch base and remind anyone still around that I honestly haven't ditched this blog, or my plans to move to Norway and live in a... Keep Reading >>