If you knew me personally, you’d probably laugh out loud if I told you that one of my secret little dreams is to complete a thru-hike. Whilst I’m not lazy per se, I am probably the least athletic person alive thanks to a combination of ‘preemie lungs’ (I was born at 28 weeks), being overweight and also generally just not being very into sports or going to the gym. Even when I was much younger and thinner, I used to engage in lots of sporty activities such as running but I always came last or didn’t have the stamina to complete what I was doing.

My strength, as it were, lies in walking and strength training. Those are two things I can do even at my weight (although I must admit it’s harder right now at my maximum weight – disordered eating is hard to kick, folks). About 20lbs ago I went on a hike that was quite short, about five miles per day over two days. The lady I hiked with was taller and more experienced so keeping up with my 30lb pack on my 4′ 11″ frame was tough, but at my own pace it would’ve been no problem at all.

My point is, the human body was literally designed by nature to walk steadily at long distances (we are migratory animals; our ancestors used to live purely on buffalo/herd animals and track them wherever they went) as oppose to exerting ourselves by running or jumping around in aerobic dances. It clears the mind, you get to see stuff and it keeps you fit! What’s not to like?

This all brings me back round to my weight problem. I will openly and ashamedly admit right now that even walking to the local newsagent (literally around the corner from my house) is so taxing for me I have to stop once there and once back. Back is worse cos there’s a slight incline and by then my bag is full of whatever I’ve bought. Remember when I said I went hiking without a problem? That happened, I promise.

There’s no way in hell I can do any kind of hike ever again unless this weight comes off. Whether or not my dream life of living in a camper van is realised, I’d like to do something interesting and outlandish and don’t want to miss out on my entire life because of my weight. I’ve missed almost ten years, making excuses and saying ‘when I’ve lost the weight, I…’, which never helps, and always starting the diet tomorrow because ‘tomorrow never comes’, as it were.

Hmm, I seem thoroughly incapable of maintaining a train of thought this morning. Oh well, here’s a video playlist that I am currently watching to get me inspired to do better things with my life than simply talk about doing better things:

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