I am actually quite excited about this.

In August 2015 I began livestreaming and primarily focused on Borderlands 2, using my PS4. I streamed for about 6 weeks and gained a whopping 200 followers in that time. For whatever reason, I went on a hiatus (I didn’t even watch streams, let alone make them) until January 2016, where I re-started as a variety caster. I gained about another 100 followers and was generally having fun.

In March 2016, I took up painting and discovered the freshly minted Creative section and loads of great people who made me really want to stream my art. So from about April until July, I did just that. Then, a mixture of life and lack-of-inspiration got in the way and I went on another hiatus until about November 2016.

I came back as a creative streamer, but thanks to that pesky life, only streamed for 2 hours at a time, whenever I could. Coupled with bad internet, everything was just bad. So bad. So this went on for a couple of months where I was a part time, irregular streamer doing very short and crappy streams.

Fast forward to March 2017. I am a carer for my mother, and before he died I was carer for my father too. My dad’s ailing health meant that from March until June (he passed away in May), I couldn’t stream because I was far too busy caring for two other adults and myself.

So now it’s June 2017. I wanted to stream, so badly. But variety is unreliable (as far as viewer stats go) and expensive, and creative as a streaming choice is even less reliable for a newbie and honestly, as much as I could paint for 12 hours solid, streaming it was kind of boring sometimes, and took away a lot of that focus I need to get a painting just right.

And then a few days ago I dug out my Handsome Collection disc. I was bored, so I threw on the Pre-Sequel and fired up a new game. Well I fell hard and fast back in love with this wonderful series. I started following some dedicated BL streamers on Twitch, and decided to stream it again.

The TL;DR version of this post is simply: after two years of indecisiveness, I am going back to my roots as a Borderlands streamer. My schedule won’t change, and occasionally I will throw in streams of custom-survivor games of This War of Mine (another game I could play over and over) or similar.

I am excited. I am setting up a purpose-built streaming room soon, getting facecam and greenscreen back and properly dedicating myself. I have said this before I fully realise, but the dynamic in my life has genuinely shifted lately. Things have changed, and in a good way. I am finally ready to give this push for partnership a real shot.

I am excited and nervous (I tend to let my excitement cause mass over-expectations in my head), but most of all I am eager to work hard, stream for longer (I am slowly working up to 5 hour streams, but currently my time stands between 3 and 4 hours) and really make a go of it.

Let’s do this!

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