It’s so easy to get enveloped in plans and ideas to the point they make you impatient. I have a bit of an all-or-nothing personality so when an idea or plan enters my mind it tends to sprout roots very quickly, and if the roots aren’t fed, they die.

I am constantly having to remind myself that my plans will happen, but it’s very slow. I’ve been setting up the building blocks of my video blogs (both the diet and general). The diet vlog will be updating weekly to talk about my weight loss and all of the biology-based nutrition stuff I want to discuss (this keeps both this blog and my general vlog free of that, since it’s quite a tight niche and not what I want to focus my main content on). The general vlog will update as-and-when I have updates, for the moment. That may mean some gaps, and I apologise about that.

The weight is coming off (6.2lbs so far!), and so while that continues, my next step is learning to drive. But sadly it’s not free, nor is it cheap. The average total cost these days (assuming that at least one practical test is failed and requires a retry) is around £500 or more, depending on how many lessons are required.

If you would like to assist with this you can do so here. I am setting aside some of my own limited income towards this as well.

In other news, I am trying to learn to set a strict schedule in order to get shit done, as it were. Small things like getting out of bed an hour earlier, spending less time mindlessly perusing social media or scrolling through the Netflix menu, knowing full-well I’ll wind up not watching anything (I have actually temporarily cancelled both Netflix and Amazon Video in an attempt to spend less time doing this).

The more I do, the more I want to do. The less I do, the lazier I feel. So I think it’s imperative that I make a nice fat to-do list every day, however trivial, and get shit done. It’s a small step but I think teaching my mind to be driven and pro-active will put me closer to my goals that little bit more.

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