I forget if I mentioned this yesterday, but I really don’t want this particular blog – what I consider to be my “main” blog –  to get overshadowed with weight loss, diet and low carb related stuff. Although things are still moving slowly for reasons beyond my control, I want this blog to focus on my life goals. Yes, that includes reducing my weight and improving my health, but primarily it’s about travel, van life and nomadic living.

So I am going to be keeping all of my health/food stuffs over at www.scoutdawson.com/lowcarb.

I know what you’re thinking: Scout, really, another blog/project!? Yes. As crazy and constantly shifting and changing as things seem right now I am finally figuring out what I want to do with my goals, my life and my hobbies. Things will settle soon, I promise. I like to do, and try, a lot of things. I am writing a book, I am an artist, a blogger, a vlogger and when I can I livestream (although this is simply a hobby these days; I have been on-and-off streaming for close to three years and since it just doesn’t coincide with most of what I want to do, it will remain a hobby instead of a life dream).

My whole life I’ve been seen as someone who never finishes anything, never follows through. In some ways this is true, when looked at from the wrong perspective. The truth is I just like to try things, and I go at them full-pelt with maximum effort. Sometimes I get bored, sometimes it’s just not for me or it generally doesn’t work out. This is okay, and I wish more people would understand that it’s completely okay to let go of a hobby or a dream if it isn’t working for you any more.

I have a friend I’ve known for over a decade. She’s one of the most dedicated people I know; there is little she starts that she doesn’t finish. But ultimately she doesn’t seem very happy, and constantly questions whether spending the last ten years working towards one solitary thing was the right decision. She still hasn’t achieved her final goal, and it could be another ten years before she actually does.

That works for her, she will keep at it until she completes her little mission. But that doesn’t work for me. I read the signs quickly, and I move on if need be. Sometimes, admittedly, I pass up something that might work well in favour of something that seems better (remember yesterday I was talking about my ideas being like planted roots in my mind?). I’m human, I make mistakes.

So anyway. This blog will remain focused, and I can put any posts for low carb, science and diet stuffs over there.

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Artist. Writer. Vlogger.

Scout is an artist, novelist and video content creator from England, whose life goal is to live on the road in Scandinavia!

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