Does anyone else notice that when you feel frustrated, low or down that having a solid ‘end goal’ at least in the back of your mind helps you to gain focus and perspective?

I used to stress over the fact that I never went to University. My terrible C-D grade average GCSE results and my complete lack of any kind of A Level, B-Tec, NVQ or Bachelor’s Degree often holds me back in the corporate world; in this day and age where it is easier than ever to gain an education regardless of free time or finances, I got a bit left behind in that regard.

Of course my bad results don’t deem me stupid or unintelligent. I’m quite the opposite, if I say so myself. But sadly, all that matters is the paperwork. Naturally this meant that I was ever destined for entry-level and minimum wage jobs for maximum work and minimum pay.

Big promotions or handy industry connections were never in my future; it’s only the 1% and people in movies who get radical opportunities amidst shelf-stacking and paper-pushing.

So then what? Work until the legal retirement age of 68 working miserably for the bare minimum wage amongst miserable co-workers and an even crankier manager?

Two words for you: HELL NO.

My life goals may seem unrealistic, or even idiotic to some people. I accept that; it’s a challenging lifestyle in its own way and it certainly isn’t for everyone (there is social status in owning nice things and keeping them all in your nice house and waving them goodbye from your nice car every morning). But it most definitely is for me. I’ve been dreaming about it for over ten years, for Pete’s sake. It’s not a phase, mom.

Having the clear image in my mind of finding my perfect van, of driving her for the first time, sleeping under the starts feeling so excited I can’t actually sleep, eating breakfast that I cooked on my little propane stove… it’s heavenly. Making travel videos while I do it is all I’ve ever wanted to be. I’ve not had too much positivity in my life, having grown up in a very negative, abusive home environment (which for now I am still in, since I can’t leave until I can afford to leave). I deserve positivity and happiness. This will be my happiness.

So at least now, however bad things get sometimes, I think of that van, the trail and editing my travel videos and it all melts away and keeps me focused.

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Artist. Writer. Vlogger.

Scout is an artist, novelist and video content creator from England, whose life goal is to live on the road in Scandinavia!

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