Lately I’ve been feeling pretty good.

Like most people I suffer with a ‘situational’ depression which has its flare-ups and its remissions depending on what’s happening in life (meaning I am not perpetually depressed, it depends on how bad things get, how my diet and lifestyle is etc. Usually eating well and managing myself helps me to control it somewhat).

Whether I am in a remission right now I don’t know, but I take these good vibes where I can and simply don’t question them!

Anyway, I feel decent about myself. I’ve lost about 4lbs recently, I am eating better and working harder towards achieving my goals, both in my personal life and on Twitch. Today I am going to begin clearing out the room I am going to convert into a streaming studio. It is a bigger job than it looks (for a tiny room there is a lot of crap in there), but I have given myself until 1st August.

Why 1st August, I hear you confusedly ask?

That’s when my stream upgrades: face-cam, green screen, good lighting, my mic will be on a boom arm and not my desk (which will help eliminate hum from my PS4/computer fans and whatnot) and I may even upgrade my stream graphics to something more Borderlands related, since I made the decision in my last post to go back to being a BL streamer permanently. Also that gives me about 6 weeks to lose some more weight (could easily shift 7-10lbs in that time) which will build my confidence some more.

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