Sticking to my diet thus far as been fairly simple. Sure, there are some things I have to remember ‘oh crap I can’t have that’, and find a substitute but I wouldn’t consider this a bad thing. It’s getting me to cook things from scratch, experiment with meals and recipes and even invent some things on-the-fly that, when they work, taste delicious! It also isn’t costing a crazy amount like I thought it would, because I remain fuller for longer, so the need to eat as much or as often simply isn’t there.

But low carb is the kind of lifestyle that feels bad, primarily because the Standard Western Diet tells us it’s bad. Butter, fatty meat, full-fat cheese, eggs, oily fish – we’re told to severely moderate all of this stuff, if have it at all. We’re told that it will cause cholesterol, hypertension and the dreaded heart attack. Fried food is something only big fat lazybones people eat. You want healthy? You want thin? Eat a salad, fatty.

The dirty looks I get from family when I sit there snacking on a portion of pork scratchings (pork rind) whilst also saying I am on a diet is unreal. See, I’m fat, and they think that my new found diet is why I am fat. Oh, forget about the years upon years of tried-and-failed stints at Weight Watchers, Slimming World and other low-fat, high carb diets where they offer chocolate bars to lose weight, and starchy foods like sweet potatoes as nutritious meal options. If I am fat, it’s cos I am eating lots and lots of fat. Right?

Except this, naturally, is utter bull. There is enough solid science to convince me that this diet is the best thing for the human body on a biological level; the way I feel when I eat it only proves that to me further. I feel full, satisfied, and aside from the cravings I am still kicking, I can easily satiate myself with low carb food.

And yet, thirty-four years of having it drilled into my head that all of the food I now consume as my only sources of food are going to kill me, I keep doubting myself. I think ‘am I getting fatter?’ even though the scales are showing the opposite. I think ‘am I full or did I just guarantee that I’ll get fat?’ instead of ‘yes I am satiated from eating decent food’.

Again, I’m fully aware of how healthy a low carbohydrate diet is for the human body. Those who say it ‘doesn’t work’ either didn’t do it right, got bored of it or are just so brainwashed by the idea that a grain-heavy, low-fat diet is better they refuse to see reason. The science is there, and amidst an entire world of people who simply do not believe me when I say a steak cooked in butter is more nutritious than a colourful bowl of leaves, it is the science that I will continue to look to for reassurance.

This is going to work. I just have to maintain it and accept that as far as this diet goes I will simply never have a solid support network.

At some point I am going to compile my entire list of research that I conducted before starting this diet, so that I can link it in my low-carb related posts. That way, anyone interested in doing or even opposing it has some reference material!

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