Weight Loss

A Tale About Scales

To generally monitor my weight loss, I'm weighing myself every Monday morning on a set of basic digital scales. I like doing this, as it allows me to see over time whether or not the overall change in my weight... Keep Reading >>

A Pretty Big Hurdle

This is a topic that I decided not to directly bring up in my vlog, as writing about it is easier. Sometimes speaking out loud about things is hard to articulate properly, and since the internet is full of peop... Keep Reading >>

Dear Brain: It’s WORKING

Sticking to my diet thus far as been fairly simple. Sure, there are some things I have to remember 'oh crap I can't have that', and find a substitute but I wouldn't consider this a bad thing. It's getting me to... Keep Reading >>

The F Word

Ask anyone who is overweight and unhappy about it what they think about most of all, and they will probably tell you that it's their weight. It's like the abusive love of my life; it hurts me, and it makes me f... Keep Reading >>