Crunch Time

Tomorrow I have my second (and hopefully final) interview for a job that I am seriously hoping I get.

This feel so unusual for me; the last time I was placed in a situation where I was unintentionally without a job (due to redundancy), it took me almost two years to find work, being shunned and sometimes outright ignored by potential employers, regardless of my experience level with the type of work they offered.

This time, no more than two months after my “job” as a full-time carer ended, here I stand potentially on the brink of fresh, and decent, employment.

I honestly have no idea what the wages are like. It’s via an agency, which usually means you get paid a little more than you would if the company were to hire you organically (since the company pay the agency, who then pay me, and the agency of course deducts their percentage), but I’m not expecting miracles.

The highest wage I have ever earned was just shy of £17,000 and that was frankly unusual in the climate that I was working under – especially given I have bad GCSEs and nothing else. Since then I’ve barely been able to breach a set wage of £15,000 providing I work ten hours a week more than what I was used to. If anything, this will be a nice change.

If I do get the job then hoo boy do I have some plans up my sleeve, mostly involving travel. I can’t say too much yet. But these plans are gonna be very, very good.

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